Mars Sculpture

$ 2,499.00

George Sellers created Mars by hand carving it from clay; a plaster casting was then sent to Italy for production in ceramic. Mars was the Roman God of War, and thought of as the father of the mythical twin founders of Rome. Our god is made from terracotta based ceramic, formulated in a method the Italians refer to as "calco", the act of packing a perfectly produced mold with terracotta clay. Once allowed to dry it is pulled away from the mold and transferred to a kiln where its fired at 950 degrees, then fired for a 2nd time after being glazed in our signature antique white glaze. Warrior goddess extraordinaire and all from the hands of George Sellers. Dust with dry cloth

Dimensions -  23.25"L x 13"W x 38.5"H (23.1 lbs)
Product # - GV- 3.31566

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